15 September 2010

I know what this is :)

This is a illustration of a girl and a mountain and some animals... but I'm still not sure what the last thing was.
So, in school, in my "advanced sketch" class I am one of the stupid kids since my hand isn't made for drawing really straight cubes and swinging around with a marker like a fairy. I'm really slow at understanding perspective, shadows and reflections. And our classes are really short... we get four hours every friday and then we just get a bunch of homework and we're supposed to figure everything out by ourselves with these english handouts that are written in lolli-posh-english.
But, I remember when me and my sister went by these street painters in Latvia who were selling their art (mostly landscape and portrait). Everything was really nice in perspective and right color and such, but it was dead boring. And my sister said, what use is it to be great at art if you can't use your imagination to make something interesting?
So, I might not draw with very good perspective for now... but I would like to think that I've got a little more imagination than others :)

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