24 September 2010

Foxes trekking through djungel

Sometimes I wish that I hadn't changed the language on the blog to english, because my english writing isn't very good at all. So... I am thinking about changing it back to swedish, so that I can express myself ;) Heh, but then I'm so honored by the people from other countries that read my blog that I can hardly bear myself to do it. Although you are few, I really appreciate every visit!
But that's not what I wanted to write about actually. I just saw the new movie version of fame and during the artistic students all four years they failed making it in the business. Singing, directing, acting etc. And then at the end of the film they sang about believing in themselves and never letting their dream go. But, if they couldn't become anything in the harsh world out there, what good is a strong dream? The film was inspiring and yet not.
We had a designer visiting today, he had worked for volvo, he was a really good sketcher but his way to the top had off course been tricky. And he reminded us of the competition out there and that it was a hard business. And I thought, heck - why did I have to be interested of all the things that were hard to do as a living?
Luckily I am the only one who wants to design for children in our class, most people want to design cars or things for people with rare handicaps and the rest of the students want to make video games. That's us! So as a children's designer I might not have as much competition. Or maybe I will. Who knows. Not swedish students. Our guest teachers said that swedish schools specifically were very bad at preparing their students for the real world.
Wouldn't it be great if you could find out that you would make it in the future, and that you didn't have to worry... then you could just chill out during your education. And simply embrace everything in your disposal at school :)


  1. i AGREE, alls i want to do is embrace all the knowledge thrown at me in school... buuuut... there are worries.

    i am glad your blog is in english. i think that if you want to express in swedish some things you should... i guess i'll always follow just because i love the fun of the photos and drawings in your blog. either way <3

  2. Lovely drawing Uli.
    Designing for children will be fun but you won't become rich. Nicer to have a fun time though.

  3. well dear, if u would just "chill out" during your education because the uture would say u were going to be just fione and have a good job you wouldn't get that job! it's exactly because we sweat and weep and fight for years that we in the end grab the right job for us, becuase we know we are worth it and because you've been preparing for it working hard and not "chilling out". and YES..it is true that the swedish school doesn't prepare the children for the real world. look at all the couch potatoes who goes on anti deppressive in sweden?? all the lazyness and protection has made the swedes weak and uncapable of taking their own life in their hands!

  4. Dear Uli, i am happy that your blog in english and not in swedish. Dont worry about your english, it is very good and we all can understand what you want to tell us. It is very interesting and i like it.

  5. Dear Uli, i am happy that your blog in english and not in swedish. Dont worry about your english, it is very good and we all can understand what you want to tell us. It is very interesting and i like it.

  6. It'd be a shame if you did change to your own language - I agree with the others: you write really well in English.

  7. Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I am so happy you write in English. I am an American living in Copenhagen, trying to learn Danish, and it is so nice to find a beautiful blog that I don't have to try so hard to read!
    In response to your frustration about not knowing if you are going to make it or not and how if you only knew then you could more fully enjoy your education, I would say that I just spent an hour straight on your blog and you don't need to worry! Not to say that I know you are going to "make it" or become rich or very successful or well known, (you may become all of those things)but it is clear to me by how creative and interesting you are that whatever comes your way in this life, you will find a way to make it fascinating and beautiful and delight those that see it. You are so young and you have such a great eye for art and design. As I was going through your blog I just kept thinking that most people see stuff online that they love and pin it or blog about it or whatever, but you create that stuff that people look at and love. That is pretty amazing! I think of all the things humans can do, creating beauty is one of the coolest. So, what a long rambling response from me! My point- you are so talented and unique- don't sweat the schooling, you will be fine!