20 May 2009

When you're sick

There was a storm last night. I woke up drenched in my sweat och saw the room get lit up by the thunder outside. The house was shaking and the rain was pooring. The cat ran around nervously in my room. I wanted to get out of bed and look outside, I love storms. But my body was completly numb. My voice has been really hoarse the past days and today I feel like an old potatoe.
 When I get sick I somehow grow an enormous respect for myself. I regret thinking that I suck all the time.  I want to pet myself on the head and make a smoothie. I had a smoothie for breakfast... but no petting.

So now, I should work. But I don't. Why is that? 
I went outside and took the first self portrait in our garden. If you saw our garden you would know why that is.

I really like this song


  1. men åhh! du kan ju inte bli sjuk, du är ju superuli!

    men var lugn, jag ska ta hand om dig babe!

    jag ska bara träna på det här först:

  2. Hihh... om du lär dig studsa runt på en boll sådär så ska jag göra blåbärspaj till dig ;) Förutom att du inte har lov att träna eftersom du bara kommer mosa ditt huvud och tappa minnet ännu mer!

    jag är inte jäättesjuk... bara lite svag, men jag smittar inte iaf *D