02 May 2009

Cows going crazy!

Wow, it's been a great saturday!
Early today, Anders Linnea and David picked me up to go to a farm north in skåne. About 1,5 hour drive. I was a tad hung over from a party last night, but the idea of the cows kept me awake. You see... we weren't just going to watch cows, we were going to go and watch them get let out into the green for the first time this year. And when the cows are let free in the fresh summer they go crazy and jump all over and just go MUUUUEEEEEHHHH. It's so much fun. There were lot's of people there and they even gave us milk and cake.
 Then we drove to the beach, were we poored the rest of the milk that was too warm to drink into the ocean and met a crazy dog. More pictures tomorrow :)

 But what is the most crazy thing of all? Only 1,5 day until Robert comes home again. Hrrrruuu :D

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  1. woho, första och andra bilden är crazy-nice azz!