04 May 2009

1 crazy dog, 1 crazy Anders

More pictures from saturday. We're not spoiling milk... it was just to warm to drink... and really quite disgusting.

It's monday. Who was supposed to finally coming home today? Well, my Robert was. But since he lost all of his things right at the airport, that won't be possible. This sucks so much that I simply have no words. Hate Ecuador. Hate the ambassy. Hate hate hate. Auuuggghhhh! I really really need to see him. But I shouldn't be o selfish... it has got to be worse for him. Getting stuck there just when you were about to go home. 


  1. well well...but Buddha and God heard our prays and now he's back after all :)....time to go and light a candle in Domkyrkan!!

  2. WOW, "kippis" "skål"
    for these happy moments!