09 December 2014

Tote bag

My tote bag, from Society6.
At first, I was't sure I liked it. But now I do :) The print on the pillow cases is more sharp - but this is printed on really tough fabric which has been great for when I go grocery shopping.

If you use this promo link you get free shipping and 5$ off every item, until sunday.

06 December 2014

Ceramic things


Me and Robert took a ceramic class this autumn. Throwing pottery (drejning) was really tricky - I gave up fast while Robert stayed at it.
I quickly decided to create freely with no expectations. Now class is over and here's a few of my favorite things I made.

26 November 2014

Blue village

Oh, I made a new illustration of a village. Just forgot to post it on the blog - it's a little confusing with Facebook and Instagram being involved. Not sure witch media to pick really.
I've thought about trying to create this into a kids wallpaper, I'll see how that would work. 

23 November 2014

My pillowcases

Good morning!

I think Society6 has added too many products that you can print on. I thing for example rugs, shower curtains and clocks are rather unnecessary in the shop. If I could recommend any products - it would of course first hand be an actual art print or the pillow cases. I also think cases and skins for phones, iPads and computers are really nice. I ordered some things on the 9th of november and received them 21st november here in Sweden (from USA, and luckily no toll either :).
So if you're looking for a christmas gifts there is still time to order!

09 November 2014

03 November 2014

Free shipping + $5 off each item!

My shop has a great offer at the moment, especially nice now before christmas.

Free shipping and $5 off everything!
It goes until november 9.

All you have to do is use this promo link

29 October 2014

Hedvigs picture

A friend of mine recently gave birth to a daughter and asked me to illustrate a picture for her where there was information about her daughters birth. This is a part of the illustration, I've removed some text when showing it online. The original is square, like most my pictures. 

I tried changing from black ink to blue crayon this time. It was frustrating in a way because I had to sharpen the pen all the time and it just got smaller and smaller and smaller....
I really appreciate a sharp tip you see. 
But ink can be so harsh, it's difficult to make subtile shades. 

02 October 2014

30 September 2014

Thinking about braids

So… I started this braid photo project.
But it sort of failed. One problem is that I have no space to shoot in our small apartment (we are looking for bigger as we speak) - so I had to go to my dads house to have space. And that wasn't always ideal. I had to borrow flashes from work and dragging them with me on the train and then to my dads was also a craphouse.
I needed to have girls with long-ish hair, and that I did not have. I had myself. And my hair was getting too heavy for me to stand. So now it's cut and I've got these flat bangs that don't look like they should.
Uff, I hate starting projects and then everything becoming messy and no fun.
But the more you have to depend on location, your own appearance and having the right stuff...the less fun it gets. 

25 September 2014


Found him sleeping under the roses.

24 September 2014


Children's workshop during Kulturnatten in Lund.
This was etched with a nail.
It's based on Lollo needing a diet and me cutting bangs.

19 September 2014

10 September 2014

05 September 2014

Our little Lollo

Lollo is at the hospital today, waiting for another surgery.
He's bleeding from his stomach, and we don't know why.
And it's just about the worst thing, seeing him ill.

 Make sure you get your cat an insurance, that's a hot tip at the moment.